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As an industry leader in training, security consulting and penetration testing, Secure Ideas is continually striving to improve the state of the art and practice of information security. We are a team of experts who are passionate about technology and information security. Our primary objectives are to help companies improve their security postures and to train the next generation of security professionals. Unlike many consultants, the Secure Ideas team has been on-call when a server went down; been developers on a tight deadline; and had to deal with maintaining business operations while implementing security mitigations. As a result, Secure Ideas is able to provide clients with the results of decades of IT experience to better assess the security of their environments and provide recommendations that are both realistic, practical, and actionable. Our goal is to provide organizations with an objective understanding of their current security posture and perform unbiased consultation to effectively manage the risk through practical remediation of vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Learn more about us at