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After eight years, ShowMeCon has ended.

When we created ShowMeCon in 2014, we envisioned creating an event that bridged the divide between traditional corporate and community events. An event designed for InfoSec professionals featuring high-quality technical speakers, no attendee list, and sponsors engaged in the field at a higher-end venue. I believe every year, we meet those requirements. I looked forward to it as I got to see many of my colleagues and friends. Canceling the past two years has been challenging, but it was necessary. COVID-19 has been a strain on everyone, and our conference is no exception. Over the last couple of years, there have been many ups and downs as we thought we would turn the corner and have our event only to have the rug of excitement pulled out from underneath us again. While we were hopeful that this year would be the year, the recent pandemic surge has prevented us from securing sponsors and has made it impossible to sell tickets. Due to the pandemics’ endurance, we know we cannot produce the event that makes ShowMeCon successful. The pandemic coupled with the significant growth of Parameter Security has led us to the hard decision to bid farewell to ShowMeCon as we have enjoyed it for the past eight conferences. Thank you for the support and attendance over the years. You are what makes ShowMeCon better than we even could’ve imagined it to be.  I also want to thank Renee Trudell (Chronister) for all of the backend work she performed throughout the years. Year after year, she attended to every small detail that made ShowMeCon what it was.

We wish everyone health and happiness during these trying times.


Dave Chronister


















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