Get Your Security Training & Certifications at ShowMeCon

Ever wanted to become an ethical hacker? A forensic investigator? How about taking that next step in the information security field to advance your career? If so, the first step is training.

Join us April 30 – May 4, 2014 for ShowMeCon’s pre-conference training at the Ameristar Casino & Resort brought to you by Hacker University. Staffed with award-winning instructors, Hacker University has been recognized as a leader and influencer in information security training. With clients ranging from the U.S. Federal Government to global Fortune 500 companies and everything in between, Hacker University continues to blaze a trail in education due to unsurpassed experience and expertise in the information security, ethical hacking and forensics fields. Because of this, our training classes/certification bootcamps are unmatched and have exceptionally high student pass rates.

Hacker University recognizes the growing demand for information security education and training, so we have put together some of the most sought-after technical training and certification classes taught by those in the hacking, forensics and information security fields.

Make ShowMeCon your next destination to obtain quality information security knowledge and cutting-edge skills, and let Hacker University be the platform to make your learning and training an enjoyable experience.

ShowMeCon Pre-Conference Courses Include:

Certified Ethical Hacker v8 (CEH)
Get hands-on experience in this 5 day bootcamp that ends with the certification exam.

• Learn evasive techniques hackers use so you can better defend your network
• Gain a better understanding of the mindset of hackers and the threats posed by malicious attackers
• Learn how to test, scan and hack systems so you can effectively secure them
• Discover multi-level security practices to minimize security leaks
• Get first-hand knowledge and exposure to Trojans, RATS, viruses, worms, etc.
• Walk away with best practices to implement immediately
• And much more

Certified Hacking Forensic Investigator v8 (CHFI)
This 5 day bootcamp provides a hands-on learning experience along with certification exam on last day.

• Learn how to identify disloyal employees, computer break-ins, possession of pornography, breaches of contract, industrial espionage and email fraud
• Understand how to properly gather and provide evidence for disputed dismissals, bankruptcy, Web page defacements, theft of company documents and more
• Learn how to identify an intruder’s footprints and to properly gather the necessary evidence to prosecute in the court of law
• Discover how to secure and analyze electronic evidence and act as an expert witness
• Gain the ability to conduct audits to prevent future attacks from within as well as externally
• And more

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
This 5 day bootcamp is a certification prep course and prepares students for the exam at a later date.

• Learn the 10 Domains of Security
• Discover ways to control access to data & information systems using access control best practices
• Understand how networks are designed for security & components, protocols & services that allow telecommunications to occur in a secure manner
• Learn the principles of security management and how to manage risk as part of comprehensive information security management program
• Learn to examine operations security & appropriate controls & best practices to keep operations secure
• Gain tools to perform business continuity planning & physical security to protect organizational assets
• Plus more

Network Defense
This 3 day bootcamp gives students the hands-on experience to implement immediately.

• Learn to develop robust ingress and egress filtering to mitigate the threat of sophisticated malware
• Acquire the foundations of a solid defense strategy via techniques that will make your organization a hard target
• Learn offensive security measures and how to defend against attacks
• Learn how to segment and isolate an architecture in the event of a compromise
• Participate in war games to reinforce the topics you learned in the class
• And much more

Advanced Mobile, WiFi and Network Hacking
This 3 day bootcamp gives students the hands-on experience to implement immediately.

• Learn the ins and outs of various hacking environments
• Discover latest lethal attack vectors ranging from advanced mobile to WiFi to network MITM hacks
• Understand the most popular attacks such as Evil Update Servers, A/V Bypass, WiFi Honey Pots and more
• Gain hands-on, practical experience
• Build your own custom, mobile hacking black box that you can take with you
• And much more

Intro to PowerShell
This 1 day bootcamp gives students the hands-on experience to implement immediately.

• Learn how to create a PowerShell profile
• Learn how to use cmdlets and pipeline objects
• Use PowerShell to work with Active Directory objects
• Build PowerShell functions and scripts that will automate time intensive processes
• Learn about other PowerShell tools available
• And more

This 4 day bootcamp is a certification prep course and prepares students for the exam at a later date.

The CompTIA Security+ certification is an entry-level security credential for IT professionals and proves competency in system security, network infrastructure, access control and organizational security. This certification demonstrates an emphasis in information security and the skills needed to thwart malicious attacks and mitigate costs associated with security breaches.

What You’ll Learn and Implement Immediately:

• Systems Security
• Network Infrastructure
• Access Control
• Assessments & Audits
• Cryptography
• Organizational Security

And here’s what you get when you sign up for any of the training at the ShowMeCon:

• Award-Winning Instructors
• Instructors Certified in What They Teach
• Instructors Who Are Practitioners – Bringing Expertise and Real-World Experience to Classroom
• Official Courseware
• Exam Voucher (For CEH & CHFI Only)
• Certification Preparedness (CISSP, Security+)
• Certificate of Completion (All)
• Lunch Every Day
• Snacks and Coffee Breaks for Duration of Training
• Instructor Availability
• Lifetime Membership to Hacker University
• Reduced Rates on Parameter Security’s Services
• Complimentary Pass to the Two Day ShowMeCon Conference
• Access to the Conference Welcome Reception & After Parties
• And More

So if you’re ready to take your knowledge and career to the next level while getting the most out of your training budget, these classes are the perfect fit. Contact us at info (at) showmecon (dot) com or call 314.442.0472 x2. Hurry! Seating is limited.

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